Project development and Support

Our porject development team includes full range of project management related services.We offer consulting in all phases of project development like identification ,evaluation , selection and implimentation of various projects

We are apt in all areas of project management from fesablity to final rollout and ongoing support for projects. we can work with any sized projects and complexity.wthether your need is a small project less than 40 hours.Or complex enterprise project we have the right team for that.

Our goal is to deliver a quality product with in the promised budget and time. We have been 100% success in delivering projects on time on budget.

we have a wide range of experience working with multiple methodologies. Whether it be agile , waterfall or hybrid models. We have delivered project based on multiple models offshore , offshore-onsite and onsite models.

our teams have diversified with the ability to work on multiple domains like Finance , Banking ,Insurance , Health and manufacturing.

PGCLLC also offers support in process automation and development. Whether your need is to build process and controls from scratch or fine tune an existing process to increase efficiency, we have the right expertise at PGCLLC.We have helped many clients building and fixing broken processes. This has helped them increase the throught by over 80% in some cases.

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